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Mind Village Institute
Client: Kanwal
Year: 2019
Role: UI/UX & Branding
Mind Village Institute is educating and empowering individuals and companies through products, services and events that expand awareness and harmonize people with the natural, immutable Laws of the Universe. In this project I rethink the traditional and created an experience from branding to website, totally worth the look.
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Creating the brand identity from scratch for the insitute which offers variety of neuro linguistic courses for mind nourishment. The core purpose of branding was to build identity that encompasses brand proposition.

I kicked-off the project with an experience strategy derived from market & user insights and an engagement strategy outlining ideas. They came up with the name Mind Village and I started designing a logo for the concept and came up with the design which shows a human face and a flourished tree inside it which actually represent a nourished mind. It gives the clear idea of the brand that is Mind Village.

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From creating the brand guidlines, selection of fonts, imagery, color selection, illustration to the UI/UX design plus development of the e-commerce platform where they can get orders for their services and courses. Imagining web and mobile experience to enable continuous user engagement.


Website Development

I chose Wordpress WooCommerce for development of the e-commerce system on the website. Challenging part was the landing page, because it contains interactive scroll animations that came out really well across all devices. Each course on the website is represented by a set of illustration which is more or less identity for that specific course.

Project Live Link: mindvillageinstitute.com
"We worked with shark across various aspects of design for the Mind Village Instittue. In that capacity shark oversaw and managed our overall design aesthetic. He also created landing page assets, social media advertising assets and designed our core value unit. He is an extremely talented designer and he takes great pride in presenting excellent work. He is a pleasure to work with!"