Client: University Project
Year: 2021
Platform: IOS/Android

Orbitus is a self driven mental health monitoring & recovery app. It helps in reducing mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness & complex grief with impressive and clinically proven results.

Orbitus provides a digital platform that collects, combines and analyses the user digital data in order to detect mental health state and share it with relevant people which can help track their recovery progress. It also builds a community of supportive users around you facing or have faced similar disorders. Orbitus offers every user an easy to understand visual data model, which helps them to track their recovery.

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Why Orbitus?

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"One in six people is affected by mental disorder" - WHO

Mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, loneliness & complex grief, affect millions of people worldwide. They are common, highly disabling, and associated with premature mortality. Orbitus can be a small help to decrease the count by helping people recover.

User Journey

On the basis of the research I conducted and other information that i collected, I have created an overview about functions and content per screen. I always try to map the flow that defines the whole user journey.

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Have created wireframes for the purpose of arranging elements and to craft content plus functionality on a pages which takes into an account user needs and user journeys. The simplicity of wireframes allowed me to quickly test before taking further step.

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Data Mirror Component

Mental health is depending on four health factors namely emotions, behavior, thoughts and physical. After a thoughtful research I have developed a very simple and easy to understand data component which estimates mental health and disorder recovery. Data component is a Orbit having 4 rings, each ring is a representation of health factor having a unique color. Each ring will be filled as soon as any daily task/activity is performed, when there is no activity ring will have empty grey spaces. Center of the orbit have the achievement meter which indicates the number of level achieved for therapy sessions, level increases as user takes therapy sessions.

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Interface Meets Experience

Orbitus is all about self management and recovery of mental health, considering this the app visual are crafted in a way that user get easy onboarding. Here is the end reuslt of the screens where UI meets UX along with sufficient data to validate design decisions. User interface is very bright and have multiple colors which makes it unique and user enjoys using it.

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Orbitus have all the the support you need to cope up with the disorders like anxiety, depression, stress & loneliness and provides features like live therapy sessions, self-care tasks, and a community that understands you.

Orbitus gives an opportunity to rethink the way you manage and overcome to your mental health & related disorders.