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Research & Product Design
Second Skin.
Client: Thesis Submission
Year: 2021
Brief: Research | Product Design | UI/UX
Second Skin is a digital skin camouflage projection device and an app which allows users to add a layer of skin to their body, particularly on their face, using high-speed body projection (smart crown) to be worn on the head. Digital skins and augmented reality filters will wrap the individual in a chosen look.
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camouflage projection device

Smart Crown, it's a high-speed motion projection technology allowing for high-frame-rate and low-latency projection that overlays digital projections onto the physical face/body.

The proposed technique employs a high-speed projector called "DynaFlash," which can project 8-bit pictures at 1,000 frames per second with a 3 millisecond delay utilizing a digital micro-mirror device called "Deformable Dot Cluster Marker" (DMD) and a high-brightness LED. It will accomplish dynamic projection mapping on a non-rigid surface in particular.

Second Skin - Smart Crown
Second Skin - Smart Crown
Second Skin - Smart Crown
Second Skin - Smart Crown

About Product.

The designed app, contains features that allow the user to reconstruct their faces, modify facial features, add camouflage to it and project it on their faces.
That way people with skin conditions will regain confidence and self-esteem as the second skin conceals obvious scars and face conditions.

Second Skin - User Flow
Second Skin - Onbaording
Sign in / Register
Second Skin - Sign in / Register
Setup Projection Device

Following the creation of an account, the patient will be asked to put the smart crown device on their head and complete the procedures to set up projection tracking nodes on their faces for precise visual projection.

Second Skin - setup crown
Second Skin - Dashboard
Facial Construction

Allows user to perform an augmented facial construction, it is designed to help the users who have disfigured face.

Second Skin - Facial Construction
Second Skin - Acid Attack
Second Skin - Acid Attack
Facial Modifications

User will have a freedom to modify the face they have morphed or generated, they can import the same face for further modifications.

Second Skin - Facial Modifications
Augmented Camouflage

The most interesting part of the application is to that user can create 3D augmented camouflage that will wrap the face in the beautiful geometric patterns or any sort of creative artwork.

Second Skin - Augmented Camouflage
Social Community

Social features embedded in the app further enable discovery of inspiration and daily motivation from others with similar skin conditions.

Second Skin - Social Community

Quick consultation section will offer users to connect with worldwide dermatologists, cosmetologists and clinics nearby.

Second Skin - Consultation

Second Skin might be the beginning of a multi-dimensional product that aspires to bring a lot more value to the existing face filter and augmented reality solutions on the market.